February 12, 2017

Dag Drømmerne…..The Twins

I love working with the Norwegian creative team Dag Drømmerne, they have such a particular aesthetic, both dreamy and intricately detailed, that resonates so perfectly with my style.

Dag Drommerne (the Day Dreamers) are a creative partnership between photographer Mona and stylist Barbro, and they also have the talents of an extended network of other collaborators to call on…..as in this shoot where Mari provided the gorgeous flowers.


One beautiful summer afternoon, Dag Drommerne took lovely twins Myndin and Aftur to the beach where they grew up for a shoot with a couple of JFD gowns…..the champagne embellished tulle ‘Lotis’ dress and the wisteria French lace ‘Langtry’ style. The results are just gorgeous, with a hint of wild Nordic mythology about them……





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